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Nov. 21st, 2020


How's My Driving

grancenturio @ dramadramaduck

Aug. 23rd, 2020


Prophecy and You

So, Nessiah is pretty good at prophecy.

Example, to a girl looking for her brother:
"It seems like it will be difficult for you to find your brother right away. Your brother has been tightly sealed away behind a clever barrier, and he cannot come out. However, if you go with these people, then you will be able to meet him more quickly."

("These people" include her brother, whose true name and powers were sealed away. In the canon route, Garlot does break the seal while she's traveling with him.)

He's also able to find out who is coming for him next and why.

I'm going to say that his magic doesn't work across worlds for specific people just to keep him under control. But if your character is motivated enough to come visit, he may well prophesize for your character.

Here's where you come in. You're the one who knows what you're planning to do with your character: I'm just the person who has to give your character a vague idea about it. If Nessiah is prophesizing for you, tell me what you know and about how vague he ought to be. Or just what you know, and I'll be light on the specifics.

Aug. 18th, 2011


[RL with Giriko - digging out some bodies.]

Oh, so that was why he'd kept those bodies in stasis. At least they had ended up to be good for something.

Nessiah waited patiently a ways away from the fort - it would not do to have to explain the community to everyone in the army. Giriko should be arriving soon, and from there it was a short walk to the former Bronquian man who had not lived for a very, very long time.

To be honest, Nessiah didn't see much wrong with it. If he had a way to live, then let him live; that was the way of the world, and he would strike him down only if he threatened someone Nessiah knew or it was more useful to him to have him dead.

"...Serial reincarnation does seem to be popular," he commented as he watched for the other community member.

May. 13th, 2011


[Video, Grab Bag - What You Want]

[The video opens on unfamiliar territory - it doesn't look like the base seen in Eimi's video, certainly. The streets are too pristine. Also, Eimi's base is usually lacking in angels.

At least, that's what the figure in the middle of the screen looks like. Nessiah isn't wearing his faceplate, or any of his chains for that matter, allowing the viewers to see vivid blue eyes. He also is staring at his wings (one black, one white) like he can't believe they're there. Probably he can't. It isn't every day you get turned back into an angel.

As weird as the wings and eyes are, it's obviously Nessiah - the blond tuft of hair is the same, the purple robes are the same, even the golden book he carries is the same. It's just that he seems to have some extra additions to his body now. Regains?]

...This is a virus. I know this is a virus. And yet...

[He has no idea that this is recording.]

Feb. 1st, 2011


(no subject)

Why does anyone think that matchmaking is a good idea? Can't they be convinced that we can handle our own affairs perfectly well?

Nov. 21st, 2010


(no subject)

I have lost the ability to lie.

Just today, Siskier asked me if I was worried about Captain Garlot having fallen into the river. Instead of what I normally would have said, which would be something about believing his strength to be high enough to survive that easily, I admitted to being worried, both about him and about my plans if he dies.

I'm not supposed to care about him, and they're not supposed to know I have plans at all.

And normally I wouldn't let you know this either. It seems I cannot lie in writing either, or erase what I have written. I expect it has to do with the rash of viruses the community is suffering.

This could be more detrimental to me than having a sword piercing me for a few days...

((Advanced past 5-4!)

Sep. 4th, 2010


[Accidental Video]

You're Gram Blaze, correct? I've been waiting for you.

[The door to Nessiah's house is open, so the book can show Nessiah chatting with a group of strange people.]

Who are you?! Why do you know who we are?!

Who am I? Oh dear, and here I thought you were looking for me.

[The group discuss prophecies for a bit, a red-haired girl comes bounding past the book, a prophecy is given, the red-haired leader asks Nessiah to come with them, they discuss that for a bit, and...

Soldiers rise up from the earth around them. They're of many different types, some wielding swords and some axes, but one thing they have in common is clear: they show no sign of life. One of the group points this out.]

Necromancer, user of the dead. That is another of my identities.

...Zombie soldiers?

My wisdom and experience are the greatest in this world. Of that, you can be assured. If I come with you, you will surely have gained great power. Therefore, whether or not you can use me is not for you to decide. It is my decision. Let’s see if you can handle my power.

[Video ends.]